DevOps.. Cloud..

Some enterprises claim two factors are slowing cloud adoption:

  1. Difficulty in proving cloud’s benefits
  2. An inability to make cloud operations run as efficiently as data center operations.

DevOps could offer at least a partial solution to both problems.

DevOps is an attempt to pass along knowledge about an application’s need for resources and connectivity from the developers — who build in those dependencies — to the operations teams. The goal of DevOps is to describe application needs in a way that provisioning tools can read so that deployment becomes automatic. By organizing how applications are deployed, it’s possible to automate the processes that monitor application health and restore functionality if a failure occurs.

Central to the DevOps concept is the ability to determine application resource needs. Depending on the specific DevOps tool, this is determined by a feature called a “template,” “model,” “container” or even “charm. “

Apache Module – Mod_Pagespeed for faster Websites !!!



Google just released the first stable version of mod_pagespeed, the company’s open-source module for Apache that can automatically optimize your web pages to improve download and rendering speeds. With this release, Google is declaring this tool ready for broader adoption, though it’s worth noting that a number of large hosting providers like DreamHost, Go Daddy and content delivery network EdgeCast have already been using it in production for quite a while now.




AWS Scalability for Pinterest



April 19, 2012, 2:37 PM — The explosive success of the social networking service Pinterest wouldn’t have been possible without the easy scalability of the Amazon cloud services, an executive for Pinterest said.

“The cloud has enabled us to be more efficient, to try out new experiments at a very low cost, and enabled us to grow the site very dramatically while maintaining a very small team,” said Ryan Park, operations engineer for Pinterest, at the Amazon Web Services Summit, in New York Thursday.






Israeli security company Dome9 provides a hosted firewall for protecting servers in both private or public clouds. It enables customers to lockdown SSH access or admin panels until they’re specifically opened via the web-based Dome9 console. Today the company released an iPhone app that will provide more convenient access to the console.




ON, August 29th 2012, Thomas Bushnell, the tech lead of the group that manages and distributes Linux to Google’s corporate desktops unveiled Goobuntu from behind Google’s curtain at LinuxCon, the Linux Foundation’s annual North American technical conference, First things first, can you download Goobuntu to run it yourself? Well yes and no.

Bushnell explained that “Goobuntu is simply a light skin over standard Ubuntu.” In particular, Google uses the latest long term support (LTS) of Ubuntu. That means that if you download a copy of the latest version of Ubuntu, 12.04.1, you will, for most practical purposes, be running Goobuntu.