SVN Intro – Branching & Merging

We will create the SVN REPO using the #svnadmin create   – @SVN Server Now create 3 directory called Trunk, Branches, Tags The working code is initially placed in the TRUNK dir #vim abc 123 #svnserve -d [Note: now a user abc with password 123 is created.] @Dev #telnet 3690 #svn co svn:// […]

SVN Starter

@SVN CENTRAL REPOSITORY To Install SVN #apt-get install subversion To Create the SVN Repo #svnadmin create Under / you will find repository configuration files, interesting for us at the moment are only passwd and svnserve.conf. Edit the SVN Configuration File #cd #vim conf/svnserve.conf Edit also the svnserve.conf to have following contents: [general] anon-access […]