Install MySQL plugin for Newrelic in a Minute

To use this plugin, you must have: a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) of 1.6 or higher at least one database to monitor (MySQL 5.0 or higher) a New Relic account New Relic Platform Installer (NPI) is a simple, lightweight command line tool that helps you easily download, configure and manage New Relic Platform Plugins Plugin […]

MySQL Optimization

There is one specific MySQL configuration parameter above all others that will produce significant performance improvements and takes very little understanding to implement. “query_cache_size” This configuration directive tells the MySQL server to store the result of the query in memory—much faster than accessing from disk. In a hosting environment with 1 GB RAM, this allows […]

Database Sharding

    “share nonthing” : Key Law on database sharding Architecture. Small Databases are Fast, Big Databases are Slow !!! DB Sharding – Breaking a Bigger DB into a Smaller DB. Key Points on DB Sharding — Partition Data across master Writes and read are distributed Application needs modification Needs choice partitioning strategy for uniform […]

How to Reset Mysql ROOT Password

1) Stop the mysql demon /etc/init.d/mysql stop 2) Start the mysqld demon process using the –skip-grant-tables option with this command /usr/sbin/mysqld –skip-grant-tables –skip-networking & 3) start the mysql client process using this command mysql -u root 4) from the mysql prompt execute this command to be able to change any password FLUSH PRIVILEGES; 5) Then […]