RDS CPU Utilization

(ctrl+l – clear ;-)) 1. “show processlist” only gives you a snapshot of what’s executing precisely at the moment you run it. To catch expensive queries, you may need to run the command a few times in rapid succession. 2. But MySQL offers other ways to see what’s going on in your instance. You can […]

RDS Scaling

    If your app gets to the point that you need to start scaling either up or out, it is a good idea to switch to multi-AZ if you don’t run it already. If you have a simple RDS instance, you will degrade your service significantly while scaling, as you can expect to lose […]

RDS Sharding & Quick Commands

    Source article on RDS sharding by Amazon. What is sharding? Here unlike ec2 instances there is no rds-db-instance-id instead we use the db-instance names (called as dbinstance_identifiers) in our rds commmands to identify among rds-db-instances. Example- Database Name – news RDS DB Instances – shard1, shard2 Consider creating 2 db-shards ie we need […]

RDS CLI Tools Setup

    #cd /usr/local/rds #chmod 744 bin/* Setup Credentials into the file to use a default AWS Account — $ cd /usr/local/rds $ sudo cp credential-file-path.template credential-file $ sudo vi credential-file $ sudo chmod 600 /usr/local/aws/rds/credential-file Now add to the ~/.bashrc # Set location of the ec2 and rds command line tools export EC2_HOME=/usr export […]