AWS Scheduled Autoscaling

AUTOSCALE SETUP There are 3 steps 1.Create Autoscale Launch Configuration 2.Create Autoscale Group 3.Create Autoscale Policy Creating Launch Configuration: #as-create-launch-config unni-autoscale –image-id ami-5766173e –region us-east-1 –instance-type t1.micro –key unni –group unni Verify Lauch Configuration: #as-describe-launch-configs –region us-east-1 Creating Autoscaling Group #as-create-auto-scaling-group unni-autoscale-test –launch-configuration unni-autoscale –region us-east-1 –availability-zones us-east-1a –min-size 1 –max-size 3 –load-balancers unni-autoscale Verify […]

Netflix on AWS

DC Analogy Cloud Analogy Transition : DC to CLOUD Application Restructuring DATABASE Test Cloud Efficiency   There are Chaos Monkey (which simulates instance failures) and Chaos Gorilla (which simulate AWS Region Failures). Extensive Backup Strategy As shown on the left side, the whole infra setup is redundant across multiple AZ. On the right side the […]