Install Newrelic Plugin for Redis

[Amazon Linux AMI]

Download The Plugin

#wget ""
#tar xvzf newrelic_*
#sudo easy_install pip
#sudo pip install newrelic-plugin-agent
#sudo cp /opt/newrelic_plugin_agent/newrelic_plugin_agent.cfg  /etc/newrelic/newrelic_plugin_agent.cfg

Edit the /etc/newrelic/newrelic_plugin_agent.cfg file and enter the


2.Uncomment the redis block. for example

     - name: redis1
       host: localhost
       port: 6379
       db_count: 16

The whole portion should inside “Application” ie you have to change the identation 2 times towards right.

#mkdir -p /var/log/newrelic
#mkdir -p /var/run/newrelic
#sudo chmod 777 /var/run/newrelic /var/log/newrelic
#sudo yum install python-devel.noarch
#curl | python

Finally Starting the App

#newrelic_plugin_agent -c /etc/newrelic/newrelic_plugin_agent.cfg -f

About The Plugin

Trend and monitor Redis server statistics using the MeetMe plugin. Summary metrics allow you to warn and alert on command velocity, key count, connections and blocked connections.

The dashboard includes keys per database, commands processed, memory utilization, connection counts, pubsub patterns and commands, and pending key expirations. More dashboard graphs will be added soon.

The MeetMe plugin agent polls numerous supported backend systems and submits the results to the New Relic platform. Currently supported backend systems are:

  1. Alternatice PHP Cache
  2. Apache HTTP Server
  3. CouchDB
  4. Edgecast CDN “Realtime” API
  5. Elasticsearch
  6. HAProxy
  7. Memcached
  8. MongoDB
  9. Nginx
  10. pgBouncer
  11. PostgreSQL
  12. RabbitMQ
  13. Redis
  14. Riak
  15. uWSGI

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