Ruby Script by AWS for Identity Federation


require 'rubygems'
require 'json'
require 'open-uri'
require 'cgi'
require 'aws-sdk'

# The temporary credentials will normally come from your identity
# broker, but for simplicity we create them in place
sts = => "AKFFAASVASDE",
:secret_access_key => "irJa8tNsdfavaercravavraWA")

# A sample policy for accessing SNS in the console.
policy =
policy.allow(:actions => "*",:resources => :any)

session = sts.new_federated_session(
:policy => policy,
:duration => 3600)
# The issuer parameter specifies your internal sign-in
# page, for example
# The console parameter specifies the URL to the destination tab of the
# AWS Management Console. This example goes to the sns console.
# The signin parameter is the URL to send the request to.
issuer_url = "http://localhost/\"
console_url = "\"
signin_url = "\"

# Create the signin token using temporary credentials,
# including the Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, and security token.

session_json = {
:sessionId => session.credentials[:access_key_id],
:sessionKey => session.credentials[:secret_access_key],
:sessionToken => session.credentials[:session_token]

get_signin_token_url = signin_url + "?Action=getSigninToken&SessionType=json&Session=" + CGI.escape(session_json)
returned_content = URI.parse(get_signin_token_url).read
signin_token = JSON.parse(returned_content)['SigninToken']
signin_token_param = "&SigninToken=" + CGI.escape(signin_token)

# The issuer parameter is optional, but recommended. Use it to direct users
# to your sign-in page when their session expires.
issuer_param = "&Issuer=" + CGI.escape(issuer_url)
destination_param = "&Destination=" + CGI.escape(console_url)

login_url = signin_url + "?Action=login" + signin_token_param + issuer_param + destination_param
puts "Login in URL - %s" % login_url;

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