Notes !!!!

Application Server aka Container
-Its like a Shopping Mall and the apps is like a Store.
-Same as the shops dont have to worry about parking,waste mgmt,security etc.
-Similarly the developer dont have to worry about database contectivity,session integrity, security etc.
-There is a lot libraries, serivces that comes with container.

A Java driven Web Application Server
Provides support for Java web applications
– JSP Documents
– WAR (Web Application aRchive) – Compressed Form of the application
– Self-contained HTTP server
Fig 1.

JDK – development purpose, includes execution environment also
JRE – purely runtime environment
JDK -includes JRE, set of API classes, Java Compiler, addtnl files to write apps
JRE -comprises a set of base classes, base java api
JDK – Developers Use This
JRE – End users Use This
Fig 2.

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