SVN Starter


To Install SVN
#apt-get install subversion

To Create the SVN Repo
#svnadmin create

Under / you will find repository configuration files, interesting for us at the moment are only passwd and svnserve.conf.

Edit the SVN Configuration File
#vim conf/svnserve.conf

Edit also the svnserve.conf to have following contents:
anon-access = none
auth-access = write
password-db = passwd

Add the SVN User to the SVN
#vim conf/passwd

For testing edit the passwd file to have following contents
Entry: unni = 123unni

Notice that the password will be written in clear-text in this file, so for security reasons you might want NOT to use the same credentials as you use in your system as a login account (although if you make sure with chmod 600 passwd that only the user svnowner can access the file, the risk of someone being able to sneak a peak without administrative account or knowing the svnowner password is minimal).

Start SVN Server
#svnserve -d

[NOTE: SVN Port – 3690]


Make sure you have svn client tools installed on your computer. In command line issue:

If its for an already existing project say then to enable SVN for this Project,

Upload all the source code to the SVN Repo Initially

#svn import svn_monitored_dir svn://IPofSVN_CentralRepo:Location_of_SVN_repo@SVN_Svr
#svn import public_html svn://

AND, Bring down the first Check Out as Revision 1

#svn co svn://IPofSVN_Central_Repo:Location_of_SVN_Repo_ at_SVN_svr local_dir
#svn co svn:// publicunni

ADD a New file and COMMIT IT
#cd [to the SVN Monitored Dir]
#echo “I am a Test” > test.txt
#svn add test.txt        [To add a bunch of files – #svn add *]
#svn ci -m “Commit test”

To get current SVN Revision Number
#svn info

To Update to Latest Changes
#svn up

To List the Modified Files
#svn status


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