Prometheus Monitoring – Part I

Download Prometheus Prometheus should start up and it should show a status page about itself at http://localhost:9090 Raw Metrics:  http://localhost:9090/metrics Graphing Tool: http://localhost:9090/graphs Few quick steps to get ready: Attach a disk for EC2 Mount the Disk /data Copy the downloaded zip file to /data Unzip Prometheus Start Prometheus Install Nginx as reverse proxy to Prometheus […]

S3 Bucket – EC2 Directory Sync using AWS Lambda

Allow only AWS CLI commands for the login user: $visudo ubuntu ALL=(ALL:ALL) /usr/local/bin/aws   Write the lambda function Prepare the deployment package $mkdir /python-packages $virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python /python-packages $source /python-packages/bin/activate $pip install pycrypto $pip install paramiko Deactivate Virtualenv $mkdir /deployment-package $copy the GITHUB URL file here $cp -r /python-packages/lib/python2.7/site-packages/* deployment-package/ $cp -rf /python-packages/lib/python2.7/site-packages/.libs_cffi_backend deployment-package/ $chmod […]

BlackMagic Declink Card Installation

Go To: Choose the Card from Dropdown List – on Top Right Note: When the DecLink card is changed to another model, the driver remains the same but need to execute the BlackmagicFirmwareUpdater commands (status/update) for the Linux OS to identify it. $cd Blackmagic_Desktop_Video_Linux_10.9a7/amd64/deb/ $dpkg -i desktopvideo_*.deb $apt-get install libgl1-mesa-glx $apt-get -f install $BlackmagicFirmwareUpdater […]

Docker Swarm

Docker Swarm is a tool that clusters many Docker engines and schedules containers. Docker Swarm decides which host to run the container based on your scheduling methods. Service Discovery: SD is a key component of most distributed systems and service oriented architectures. Create a Manager Node: $docker-machine create -d amazonec2 –swarm –amazonec2-region ap-southeast-1 –amazonec2-zone a […]

Segmentation Fault

  OS extends its physical memory by using virtual memory which is implemented using a technique called paging. Paging is another form of swapping between HDD and Physical Memory. If application requests a page in memory and it could find it then a Page Fault occurs. If the address of the page requested is invalid […]

Install MySQL plugin for Newrelic in a Minute

To use this plugin, you must have: a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) of 1.6 or higher at least one database to monitor (MySQL 5.0 or higher) a New Relic account New Relic Platform Installer (NPI) is a simple, lightweight command line tool that helps you easily download, configure and manage New Relic Platform Plugins Plugin […]